Tank Management B.V is globally reach operating a wide variety of storage facilities for Liquid fuel, jet fuel, virgin d6, diesel fuel, biodiesel and petrochemical products with a network of global and regional logistics services that connects your business to strategic ports terminals around the world.

When working with Tank Management B.V, you are assured comprehensive geographical coverage via a complex feeder network operating from ports terminals on all major international trade routes.

At every stage of our logistics services, Tank Management B.V trusted subsidiaries and affiliates form a network of shipping agents with specialized local knowledge to tailor your solution so it’s a perfect fit.


Tank Management B.V offers many different types of logistics services in order to fulfill an excellent package for our customers e.g.:

The list of basic services:

  • Ocean shipping Handling and blending 
  • Oil storage facilities and warehousing of petroleum products 
  • Domestic customs transit (DCT 
  • Delivery of petroleum products through pipeline flow system 
  • Delivery of products by trucks, rail, sea transport; 
  • International customs transit (ICT); 
  • Freight insurance by drawing up policies to bearer; 
  • Certification of imported goods;


Tank Management B.V ship via it owned modern vessels for delivery of petroleum products, chemicals and cargoes, grain, generals and bulk commodities.

Tank Management B.V. operates approximately 790 miles of onshore pipelines. Our onshore pipelines are principally engaged in the transport and supply of crude oil.

­­Tank Management B.V. provides ultra-modern storage and handling of all kinds of petroleum and chemicals required by customers.

Our trucking operations have provided safe and dependable service to the crude oil and petrochemical industry for many years. We haul petroleum products, chemicals